About Us

Hi, I'm Amber! While I may be the official founder and face of the brand, this is a family company. It's named after my kiddos who also help test some of my products while my husband occasionally serves as my photographer. While the reason I started was because of my son and my unhappiness with store bought moisturizers, my desire to provide the same solutions for people who not only wanted a product that worked but also cared about the environment became an even bigger driving force.

Over time as I refined my signature butter, I expanded to include handcrafted soaps using skin loving oils and butters and bubble baths to provide you with an at home self care retreat on a whim without breaking the bank.

As a wife, mom, employee, and now a business owner, I am acutely aware that time is a hot commodity and should be spent doing the things you love and that should include taking care of you.